2015 Executive Committee Elected

The WUDC Executive Committee for 2015 was elected at yesterday’s council meeting. The members for 2015 are as follows:

Chair – Madeline Schultz, formerly of Monash.

Secretary – Samuel T. Ward-Packard, formerly of Yale.

Registrar – Andrew Connery (re-elected), also formerly of Yale.


In addition to the Executive Committee, Council also elected an Equity Officer for 2015.

Equity Officer – Gemma Buckley, formerly of Monash.


Joining them in the administration of the WUDC for 2015 will be the Women’s Officer, who was elected earlier in the week at the Women’s forum.

Women’s Officer  – Mir Rawtah, of the Lahore Debating Society.


Council congratulates the new WUDC Officers, and extends its thanks to the outgoing officers for 2014: Monica Ferris (Chair), Steven Penner (Secretary), Becca White (Women’s Officer), and John McKee (Equity Officer).

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