Dutch Bid Wins Hosting Rights for 2017

With 72 votes out of 120 correctly submitted, the Dutch bid has won a clear majority in the first round of balloting for 2017 hosts, and has officially been certified by Council as the host for WUDC 2017. The country-by-country breakdown of votes can be viewed here. Council congratulates the Dutch, and also thanks the South […]

2015 Rankings Released

Rankings for 2015, incorporating the results of Malaysia worlds, have been released and are available on the Rankings page. Please direct any questions or concerns related to these rankings directly to Council Registrar Andrew Connery.

Online Bid and Vote Process for WUDC 2017

Background As no bid was presented at Council this year, the process of selecting a host for WUDC 2017 was delayed and scheduled to occur via an online vote. Below, you will find an outline of the process by which this will occur, in line with the deadlines Council voted to put in place. We […]

2015 Executive Committee Elected

The WUDC Executive Committee for 2015 was elected at yesterday’s council meeting. The members for 2015 are as follows: Chair – Madeline Schultz, formerly of Monash. Secretary – Samuel T. Ward-Packard, formerly of Yale. Registrar – Andrew Connery (re-elected), also formerly of Yale.   In addition to the Executive Committee, Council also elected an Equity Officer for 2015. Equity […]