Regional Members

The nations comprising the World Universities Debating Council are at present organized into seven regional blocs: Africa, Asia, Europe & the Middle East, Islands of the North Atlantic, Latin America & The Caribbean, North America, and Oceania.

Each of these regions elects a region-wide representative with no vote, but with Council speaking rights as well as the mandate to speak on behalf of the region as a whole.

The regional representatives for 2015 are as follows (with institutional affiliation and nationality, where known):

Africa – Samuel Muleya (Midlands State University, Zimbabwe)

Asia –  Moustafa Elbadwihi (Asia Pacific University, Malaysia)

Europe & the Middle East – Karin Merckens (The Netherlands)

Islands of the North Atlantic – Benjamin Dory (BPP, United Kingdom)

Latin America & The Caribbean – Arlán Alberto Narváez-Vaz (University of Caracas, Venezuela)

North America – Steven Penner (Hobart & William Smith Colleges, USA)

Oceania – Jessica Musulin (Australia)