Country Members and Country Status

The individuals listed below are those whom we believe currently hold speaking and/or voting powers in Council on behalf of the countries listed.

The list is organized by status, which determines how many votes, if any, each country has in Council. For a full explanation of status, see the WUDC Constitution. For a detailed explanation of the status information below (current as of 2015), click here.

As delegate information changes frequently and unpredictably, it may not be entirely complete or up-to-date. To update this information, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.

Status A

The following countries have Status A for 2015, conferring four votes.

Country Delegate
Australia Robert Barrie
Bangladesh Argyha Dev Biswas Aryan
Canada Brent Schmidt
China George Chen
England James Clough
Germany Philip Schroder
Hong Kong Alex Leung
India Ritvik 'Bucky' Chauhan
Indonesia Boby Andika Ruitang
Ireland Michael Coleman
Israel Ohad Davidov
Japan Takenori Hayashi
Malaysia Mifzal Mohammed
New Zealand Olivia Hall
Russia Yuliya Puptseva
Singapore Wilson Ho
South Africa Arthur Shirichena
South Korea Abhisheka Dubey
United States Taylor Blackburn

Status B

The following countries have Status B for 2015, conferring three votes.

Country Delegate
Jamaica Roger Bent
Pakistan Uzair Ghumman
Philippines Mikee De Vega
Qatar Tasneem Elias
Scotland Niamh Thompson

Status C

The following countries have Status C for 2015, conferring two votes.

Country Delegate
Croatia Nika Jelaska
France Edouard Mifsud
Mexico David Alatorre Lopez
Netherlands Bionda Merckens
Poland Magdalena Wawozna
Romania Emil Mesaros
Serbia Stefan Siridzanski
Sweden Johan Bage
Thailand Motoki Luxmiwattana

Status D

The following countries have Status D for 2015, conferring a single vote.

Country Delegate
Afghanistan Dawood Shams Safy
Austria Jakob Reiter
Botswana VACANT
Kazakhstan VACANT
Macau Mukeh Anthony Kanagbo
Slovenia Miha Medvedsek
Sri Lanka Sanjit Dias
UAE Tanmay Chaturvedi
Ukraine VACANT
Venezuela Brigitte Duplat
Wales Craig McDonald
Zimbabwe Innocent Batsami Ncube


The following countries have Observer status as of 2015. As Observer countries cannot vote, delegate information has not been included.

Argentina Dominican Republic Latvia Saudi Arabia
Belarus Estonia Lesotho Sudan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Finland Lithuania Switzerland
Burma Ghana Macedonia Taiwan
Cambodia Greece Namibia Tajikistan
Cameroon Hungary Nepal Tanzania
Chile Iraq Nigeria Uganda
Colombia Kosovo Peru Vietnam
Czech Republic Kuwait Portugal  
Denmark Laos Rwanda