WUDC Constitution

Please note that this is both out-of-date and currently undergoing comprehensive revision by the Constitutional Committee.

Worlds Constitution as of December 2014

Council Meeting Documents

Malaysia (UT Mara) 2015: Malaysia UTM Council - Malaysia UTM Audit

Chennai 2014: Chennai Council (includes Pre-Council)

Berlin 2013: Berlin Summary - Berlin Pre-Council - Berlin Council

Manila 2012: Manila Pre-Council - Manila Council

Botswana 2011: Botswana Pre-Council - Botswana Council

Koc 2010: Koc Pre-Council - Koc Council

Cork 2009: Cork Council

Assumption 2008: Assumption Pre-Council - Assumption Council

Vancouver 2007: Vancouver Council

Dublin 2006: Dublin Council

Malaysia (MMU) 2005: Malaysia MMU Council (includes Pre-Council)

Singapore 2004: Singapore Council (Includes Pre-Council)

Stellenbosch 2003: Unavailable

Toronto 2002: Unavailable

Glasgow 2001: Glasgow Council

Minutes are not currently available for years prior to 2001. If you know of their whereabouts, or of any documents from 2002 or 2003, please contact the Council Secretary.